This book is worth every penny. I'm very surprised that they are not selling it here.

I have hair which I think is 3b, so not precisely as tight as the curls she focuses on, but there were as many revelations in Curly Like Me as there were in Curly Girl. While I don't follow everything, it's great to have well-reasoned perspectives to draw upon. Curly Like Me is meticulously written, unlike the fashion-magazine style of Curly Girl, and addresses all kinds of small details about curly hair care such as biochemistry, what to do if you are camping, how to wear your hair "big," hair accessories, how to do your own trim... Instructions and illustrations are very clear.

The styling tips really made a difference for me. She shows you how to "seal" your curls, styling with only conditioner to hold it and no gel required. She also has a great method for nighttime hair braiding and an easy morning hair fix, in which you open the braid with conditioner-moistened fingers and use conditioner and water to bring curls back to life. It really works and allows for about a week of good hair.

I don't post on the forum threads often, but this book deserves more attention. It's been so good for me. I should add that LaFlesh has some different ideas about the role of silicones and shampoos. Although I avoid silicones, it is interesting to read what she has to say as well. My main complaint would be that in order to recommend affordable brands, she mostly recommends drugstore stuff which may be effective, but is not so good for the environment and may contain stuff like parabens- but she does explain how to choose a conditioner based on key ingredients.