I'm Lorraine (raindear), I'm 62 and it feels really weird to say I don't know what hair type I am, except that I know I am naturally curly. When I was 12, I remember that my hair fell just above my shoulder blades and was very frizzy. If I put my arm up my back and leaned my head back so I could grab a lock of it, I could then straighten my head and pull the lock straight and it would reach to my waist. That is the only indicator I have at present what my natural curl might be. I haven't really seen my curls in a natural state since then.
When I was 12 and put my hair in a pony tail, a halo of frizz which I could never control surrounded my face. I absolutely hated my hair.
I always wanted my hair to be shiny like "normal" people's hair. When I was 7 or 8, I saved up my money and bought a bottle of Vitalis. I dumped this stuff on my hair til it was "shiny". It must have looked horrid, but all I could see was "shiny".
My hair was cut short when I was 13, and except for a few attempts to grow it long since then, when I had to set it on huge rollers and spend hours drying it to prevent it frizzing, which always seemed too much trouble, so it was cut again after a few months, it has been short since.
The worst thing I ever did to my hair was to use a home straightening kit on it. My hair was straight, but it was also "dead". It just lay there. If I ran my fingers through it, it just flopped back down. I hated that worse than I ever hated my hair at any other time of my life.
One thing I have never done is use blow dryers, my hair seemed to frizz if I even thought of using one, so they always wound up unused in the cabinet.
When it is short, it doesn't frizz and using gels, mousses or such things, it is kept pretty much under control.
I am now trying to use the "Curly Girl" method to see what my curls might be if properly cared for and allowed to develop naturally. I am excited and hopeful, but trying to not have too high expectations.
After about 5 days on the program, I could feel little curls at the back wrapping around my finger. I was also noticing some lock separation and definition starting in the front, but it was somewhat less yet than the back seemed to be. I was so excited to go shopping and get a hand held mirror to check the back and see what it looked like.
I found the name of a "Curly Salon" here, and since I had a few questions that I hadn't found the answers to yet, I called for a hair care consultation. I told the receptionist that I had naturally curly hair, and was trying to use the Curly Girl method to coax the best curl out of my hair, but had a few questions. She made an appointment for me and I went in. When I met the stylist, I showed her the products I had been using, the products I am using now, and the products I am experimenting with to find what I like, and asked my outstanding questions. So far, so good. She liked the products I am using, expressed no opinion on those I am experimenting with, and answered my questions. Then I told her I am naturally curly and using the Curly Girl method to bring out my natural curl. Told her I was seeing curl definition and separation and was excited to see what my natural curl would look like when it developed. At this point, she looked like she didn't understand a word I was saying. She left for a minute, and I told my sister, I felt like I had suddenly started speaking Greek. Then the stylist returned, plugged in a blow dryer and in just a few swipes with a brush, homogenized my newly emerging curls into a "style". So I guess I start again at square 1. And keep hunting for a stylist.
I am a bit disappointed to find that until I know my hair type, I am unable to edit my profile, and my birthdate is incorrect and can't be fixed til I know my hair type, which right now I haven't a clue what it is.
I would apologize for the length of this, but I guess I just had a lot to say, and to an audience that would understand and listen.
Well, that is me, and "Hi, everyone."