I know its sounds odd, but I am having a seriously hard time trying to find out if my strands are fine or coarse. I'm also trying to figure out what porosity I have. I have tried all the test. My hair is then when held to the light, but doesn't break easily. It can hold hairstyles. However, my hair feels thin and baby soft. I also tried to do a porosity test. When I ran my fingers up my hair, it seemed to catch and was almost sticky. However, when I put my hair in a bowl of water it stayed floating. My hair also has a dry, frizzy, straw type look. Could this be because I am using the wrong ingredients?

I feel like a protein treatment might help, but if my hair is overly porous I would hate to hurt it.

P.S. When I did a semi-permanent dye, my hair held on to the color far past 28 washes. I was still using sulfates occasionally during that time. Could this be a sign to porosity?