Hello Everyone I'm a newbie and i need a lot of help! I did the big chop on January 15th 2012. and i HATE it. i had been wanting to cut my hair off for about 3 yrs. i wanted the versatility, sexiness and sass that curls brings! after cutting my hair short and hating it i decided i might as well start they year off with curls like ive been wanting...which brings me to my cry for help. ive been wearing a full lace wig and refuse to let my hair be shown. even around the house. ive read about the importance of having a regimen and i wanted to know what is the best regimen for my hair since i wont be wearing it out for at least another 6 months and its so short tht i can't braid it or wrap it or keep it "safe" under my wigs.

My hair is extremely dry and i believe it has high porosity and i definitely think i should do co-washes! Please HELP ME.

p.s. i decided to leave my bangs for when i did quick weaves (since sew ins would be out of the picture) after doing a quick weave twice on my chopped hair i wont do it again! getting the glue out is too much work! and will just damage my curls.
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