Have you tried diffusing your hair until close to dry, and then shooting some warm air at the roots to stretch it a bit?

I see that you occasionally put your hair in twists; have you considered doing twist-outs? I do them sometimes when I want a more strecthed look without the blowdryer.
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My hair is usually in twists, though not regularly in some cute style! I'll put them in twists while in the shower, as I detangle. Afterwards, all of the twists get pulled back into something...

But when I do make really nice, pretty twists, I leave them alone! I haven't done a twist out and actually worn it out but ONE time, last summer. Within an hour it was anything but pretty and defined, and instead tripled in size. The sections held their shape, but just... got bigger. And I can't handle big hair without just tying it down again. And then, after pulling it back and having pretty twist-out waves for a few days, my head was frizzy, fuzzy, and just dull-looking (I pineappled and wrapped it).

When it isn't tied down or coiled/twisted/braided, and instead loose, I get breakage, and crunchy hair. And it just looks like it wasn't 3 days ago that I spent 40mins in the shower detangling. And when the hair isn't in twists, or in a twist-out, the sections start sticking and matting, even when dry. So I end up losing more hair... if that makes sense?

I'm really low maintenance, so I try to stretch styles as long as possible, so that I don't have to touch it, or spend another hour in the shower detangling. I honestly can't stand doing that more than once a week. I could have the sharpest natural style (I've done tons!) but once it's wet, it scrunches up again like I didn't just slave over it.

I had a summer there where I just co-washed every other day (I swam a lot). And every other day it would be an hour detangling in the shower. Which is great for some people, but I just felt a bit rotten with all the tugging, pulling, and whatnot with a shower comb to get it back to where it was just yesterday.

At this point, I just need... to move. Get out of here, and maybe find some of this "Curls" product that's flashing in a banner next to this text box!
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