I have 3a hair, and I chopped it into a really short pixie cut about a year ago. It came out just slightly wavy (my curls don't really start until an inch or two past my roots). The stylist thinned the hell out of it because I have a ton of hair, and it is necessary to remove some of the bulk for that type of style. It was very low maintenance - just put in some hair wax, mess it up a little, and go. I did have to wash it every day, because of the product I used and the fact that it stuck straight up in the morning when I got out of bed

Here is a link to a couple of pictures, just to give you an idea of the shortness and the texture: http://siobhan-genie.livejournal.com/56170.html

I'd say go for it - it was fun, but you will be very lightheaded when you get up from that chair!
Hair type: 3A. Almost chin length with Bettie bangs. Currently using GF Curl & Shine S/C, leave in and jojoba oil. Colored black. Check out my curly journal on this site!