Sorry for the crazy long post. Feel free to skip and just gaze at the great polishes.

I finally got my DermaNail in the mail yesterday. After glowing reviews from loodie loodie loodie's blog, I figured I would give it a go. I was hoping it could help with my horribly peeling and breaking nails. But after just following her advice about consistently moisturizing my nails and cuticles, filing instead of cutting, and always wearing gloves when doing dishes and cleaning (which I used to do most of the time but not as consistently as now), my nails are so much stronger! I haven't had a true break since starting this new routine. My peeling is also much better. I still get peels but not nearly at the rate that I had been even two months ago. I used to always have to cut my nails down to nothing due to all the peeling and breaking, especially after taking polish off but I have been polishing my nails regularly after my husband brought me the huge bag of polish from Hawaii and haven't had to cut at all! Here's hoping DermaNail helps with the peeling I'm still having. I think now I can feel more confident to post some pics of my painted nails.