Hey ladies. So I'm a new natural and I'm really starting to learn how to work with my hair and give it what it needs. Overall it's been great but I have an issue with the front of my hair. Back before I knew anything about glycerin and dry climates or hard water or heavy cones I used to use a mixture of hard water + glycerin + a few oils and sometimes I would add a dimethicone filled conditioner to the spray bottle.

Sooo that ended up causing major breakage to my hairline and the front of my hair [where I applied the mixture mostly] . Well now that I know better I've changed all my bad habits but the front of my hair is now dry, frizzy, and mostly consists of very short hairs that stick up. I think it's highly porous because when I wet it literally within 5 minutes its 90% dry.

So I was wondering. What can I do? I've been doing protein treatments every week and I've noticed some of the small hairs do curl up when they are wet now but the area is still dry as a desert. I try to moisturize it but it ends up dry again within 15 minutes.

Does anyone have any tips on what I can do to further baby that area and nurse it back to health? Please? And so sorry for the long post