It sounds like I'm throwing a pity party here, but I'm really interested in more ideas, products, whatever it is you got. I need to figure out how to flesh out my profile, but after all this time this is the first instance that I've gone online to share what I'm going through. Seriously, no one else deals with it because I'm so remote. Mama was white, and as soon as she noticed that my baby pretty hair got crazy, she started giving me kiddie perms. I think I was 4.

Once she was told by a stylist not to continue, 5 or so years later, it was a hassle. It'd take her 3 days to blowdry my hair, then she'd put it in really terrible, messy and already fuzzy cornrows (she really couldn't braid, she had the 1-2 hair type).

But I've been doing natural all on my own, and the first time I went down state to visit my distant relatives (hadn't seen them in... maybe 10+ years) my aunt had called her hairstylist to get me in immediately to "fix" it. It was in 2010, I had just made it to BSL (after trimming). I think it was because it was natural, though pulled back. They are all a big southern black family, and where I get my hair type from. They also all have weaves, processes, and relaxers.

I know my hair, and I like to think that I know what I'm doing, but I don't. I watch videos, and try whatever products I can afford or get at Walmart.

Products: Suave Conditioner (regularly), Carols Daughter Vanilla Spray (sometimes), CD Elixir (Dts and prepoos), heat protectant (1-2/yr), avocado butter (Dts and prepoos), Arbonne Tea Tree Shampoo (sometimes).

I have a Tangle Teezer, a Denman, and a wide-toothed comb. Also a fine comb for pressing.

Methods/styles I have tried: Tightly Curly, shingling, twist-outs, rollers (impossible), banding (only once), Curlformers (didn't dry all the way), braid outs, bantu knots, poofs, 1 big poof, plaits, flat twists and braids.

I'll keep looking around this site, but keep suggesting things (and products) for me . I really appreciate it!

I also don't know anything about porosity, and the other hairnglish y'all put in the signatures. But when wet my hair is springy, soft, and very pliable--loves water. I don't think it likes protein (I've only used that Cholestrol stuff) but I only used it to condition a few years ago..