No one is going to be able to make a regimen for you. That's something you have to do on your own, because only you know your hair. You can come on here and say what your curl type is and list all the different properties of your hair, but that won't make a difference. You said your hair is really dry and possibly high porosity but that doesn't give enough information for someone to craft a regimen for you. How long does your hair stay moisturized? What do you currently use to moisturize. What makes you think it's high porosity? Does your scalp get dirty or oily quickly? If so, does co-washing really get it clean? Do you think sulfate-free shampoos might be a better option? Or would sulfates themselves be the only thing that would get your hair as clean as you like it?

You see what I mean? And that really just barely scratched the surface with all the things one would need to know to make your regimen. And if you know all these things yourself, the best person to make your regimen is you and will always be you. Just take some time to get to know your hair.

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