My hair is not very thick at all in my opinion, even though I have a average amount of it. I've attached pics of what my hair looks like while drying and the finished look. It's flatter than what I would like it to be and it's been that way since I started wearing my hair natural two years ago (I grew it out from a short curly mohawk a la Rihanna but that's off track). The first pic is how long my hair is now and I don't get too much shrinkage once it's dry (maybe an inch at most because it's so flat). The second pic was taken sometime in December and my hair is about 2 inches longer.

Are there any tips you guys can give me for volume? I've tried duckbill clips and they did absolutely nothing for me. I co-wash every other day and comb my hair in the shower. I use Garnier Sleek & Shine as my leave-in and then I scrunch with Suave Captivating Curl Mousse. I lock in the style with Garnier Triple Nurtrient Spray and I plop with a microfiber towel for 20 minutes. After that I just let my hair air dry for the rest of the day. My second day hair usually looks much better because the product starts to lose it's crunch and my curls look a little fuller.

Any help is much appreciated. I put as much detail into my post as I could think of because I'm still fairly new to the curly girl method. Thanks in advance
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