thanks, km & naturalista! i wanted to be able to use the coil jam with a different leave in if the satin roots was not moisturizing. i remember back when i did try kccc and used the knot today with it, the knot today was too drying for my hair. but my hair did not like kccc either way, so i never got past my first tub.
so i may buy the coil jam by itself. i know i can buy a sample and i may just deal with the shipping charges and buy a sample of the coil jam and satin roots.
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KCKT was never moisturizing enough for my hair either. So, it's not something that I used after the first try or two. The first time I used KCCC, I had the most amazing hair, up until that time. I've since managed to learn a lot about my hair and KCCC is not something I use on a regular basis. I don't think you'll find that the Satin Roots isn't moisturizing enough for you. I don't think it won't "play" well with other things, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I realize it's still winter in most of the country, but any thoughts on using these products in high dew points?
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I don't see it an issue, but won't know until I try it. If/when I visit my mother in FL this Spring, I'll definitely bring it.
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