[QUOTE=kathymack;1894357]KCKT was never moisturizing enough for my hair either. So, it's not something that I used after the first try or two. The first time I used KCCC, I had the most amazing hair, up until that time. I've since managed to learn a lot about my hair and KCCC is not something I use on a regular basis. I don't think you'll find that the Satin Roots isn't moisturizing enough for you. I don't think it won't "play" well with other things, so that shouldn't be a problem. "

that is exactly what i wanted to know. i also remember the first day i used kccc my hair was amazing, and it was less and less so as i went along. not even sure i finished tub or just gave it to my daughter and same thing happened for her with kccc.
i just went on the curly kinks website and they posted on the satin roots page that they have now added avocado oil to make it more moisturizing.
i most likely will order both in the next few days.
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