Scariest part is that is exactly how people will behave if it does ever happen.

It's also the first Stephen King book I've read. I must find more!
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'Salem's Lot was my frist King book back in about 1975. Since then I've read them all, I think. I've read the apocalyptic The Stand at least four times - my favorite of all. About to re-read 'Salem's Lot for the first time - it was just re-released in paperback, I guess because of the vampire craze.

Also recommend The Tommyknockers as probably my third favorite of his.

Don't turn your nose up at any of the books just because you may've seen a movie based on it - they usually bear little resemblance to each other, IMO, except for The Green Mile, Stand By Me, and The Shawshank Redemption (the latter two based on a couple of his often excellent short stories).

King's my age and writes so well of the times of of my childhood !

I've been reading 2 Scandinavian mystery series. One by Henning Mankell and the other by Arnaldur Indridason. I learn all sorts of weird things in these books: like did you know that in Iceland everybody goes by their first name, even in the telephone directory.

Both series feature appealingly gloomy detectives who think to themselves things like: "Erlender looked at him, his tasteful clothing and his manicured nails, and wondered whether a happy life made people even more boring than they were to start with."

They're fat, they're getting old, they have problems with their families, they hate their co-workers, they deal with all sorts of frustrations - I can relate!
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I think I saw part of a PBS series based on Erlender?? If so, I liked what I saw enough that I'd like to read them!
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"It" terrified me - gruesome in the most weird and original way - unforgettable and the movie didn't come close.
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Really? The film scared the crap out of me, but then I was 11 when if first saw it.

What's Salems Lot about? I want to get some more books, including the Hunger Games series.
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.