as far as all the hiding... maybe you need to just accept the fact that you're not ready for natural hair just yet (maybe never, who knows).

when i first bc, the key to moisture for me was daily co-washing and getting rid of silicone products. as far as the wig, you can still moisturize your hair under it and put on a wig cap to protect. wig clips (small little combs) are sold in the bss. i've seen them but never worn them.

colouredbeautiful of yt wore wigs with her twa.
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this isnt my first time as a natural. just my first time as "healthy natural" (below is a pic of me before cutting and relaxing my hair when i was 17). i got my a relaxer and it rly damaged my hair. but prior to the relaxer i never had a regimen or anything like that. if i wanted to wear my curls i put conditioner and gel on my hair while it was wet if i wanted my afro i let it dry and brushed it its not being natural thats uncomfortable for me . having no hair is what i dont find attractive on myself.0
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It sounds like you had a good regimen before the relaxer. And your issue seems to be the short hair more than natural. Your hair is extremely short, so I can understand having to adjust to such a dramatic change in length. However, eventually, you will have to face your hair as it is. If a wig makes you feel better, then go for it. Just make a time table so that the wig doesn't become a crutch. Maybe after three or six months, see if you feel more comfortable with your natural hair.

And I agree with nanabanana that dramatic eye makeup, earrings, clothing or hair accessories may be necessary to make you feel more comfortable. For what it's worth, IMO, you look good with short or long hair.
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I totally agree. I didn't jump down her throat because it was obvious to me that she has no issue being natural..the issue is not really carrying for short hair on herself. Everyone is different and I understand where she is coming from.. I've just never been nuts about super short hair cuts on women..especially not myself. And simply because a person doesn't prefer themselves with short hair doesn't mean they aren't ready to be natural and shouldn't be.. blah blah. I've been natural for years, cut my long hair short recently, and I just seriously don't like it short point blank. I know I look alright with it short.. I just don't prefer it. I know for a fact I do look better with long hair since I've had long natural hair for years.

So I wear wigs for my own enjoyment and different looks that I can't do with my own hair at the current length it is.. it has absolutely nothing to do with my being ashamed of my natural hair texture or not being ready to be natural. Yet, I still take care of my natural hair EVERY day because wearing wigs shouldn't be a crutch to not caring for the natural hair and if one is trying to grow their hair out.. they BETTER take care of it wigs or no wigs.

We all have insecurities or awkwardness about something. If she feels more comfortable wearing her wigs around other people.. um... I feel like so what big deal. It's her hair and if she shows it now, 6 months from now, or never..that's her damn head.
Go head and rock ya wigs girl.. do what makes YOU feel good because at the end of the day can't nobody up on here live for you.. you have to live for you.