oh my goodness, why am i crying right now?!

the jasmine/crosby thing was SO SWEET!!! oh my goodness, i'm so glad it turned out that way and seeing jabars face when they kissed and when they told him the news i was just bawling!!

i'm starting to feel like sarah's guy does just throw ideas out there. first a baby, now new york. when she told him about her legwork on a ny lead he seemed shocked. oh boy. her kids need her too it seems. wow, i guess she's ending it with him based on the preview.

oh to sell the studio...wow, that's a big conundrum!! i understand both sides.

and the baby. first i thought he was gone then he wasn't then it seems like zoey changed her mind but maybe she didn't. i think she does give them the baby but i think the mom realizes how hard it is for her. maybe they will arrange some type of open adoption after all.
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