I have been craving lemon squares and lemon shortbread. I do not care for chocolate or the idea of pairing lemon and chocolate. However, I would not use milk chocolate. Darker chocolates has citrusy background flavors that are inhanced by use with an actual citrus fruit.
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Not necessarily. It depends on the chocolate, and you really don't want to go with something too bittersweet, like say, any higher than a 64-66% range. Some bittersweet chocolate will have coffee notes, tobacco, nuts, and no real citrus to it. But even then, you'll end up using mostly zest, as opposed to the whole fruit. I make a bittersweet chocolate and citrus tart infused with tea and it's just zest.

White chocolate tastes of vanilla, a bit of toffee, and often a little floral. That and its sweetness make it a good pairing for lemons.