Hey y'all, so I'm sooo happy I found something that works for me (finally!)

I applied grape seed oil on DRY hair from mid-shaft to ends, then hot towel + plastic bag + t-shirt around my hair every 20 minutes for an hour...then I co-washed it with suave cond., then conditioned as usual and VOILA beautiful hair the next day

The next time I co-washed my hair first (so hair was wet, not dry), then applied the oil to ONLY the ends. Today, my hair is a hot, crunchy, oily, tangly mess! Lol this is no different then when I used coconut and EVO oil. So I think I know what I was doing wrong.

Side note...do you use a lowpoo to get the oil out, or have you had luck just co-washing?? How do you avoid build-up for the oil? (Or is build up a non-issue?)

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