Hi Tokyo Curls
I ended up going to my 'old favouite' hairdresser in Canberra (!!) - Claire from Bold Hair in Scullin - another out of the way, non-glamourous salon but she has curly hair and knows how to cut - for $42.

Perhaps you could pop into the Neutral Bay salon and have a chat to Nicky to see her approach? They charge $35 for a cut, but what I've discovered so far is that the price is no reflection on the quality of the cut.

In terms of the Devachan method, well I have yet to find a hairdresser who even has heard of this term, it seems to be part of a 'secret society' to us online curly girls, not to the wider hairdressing community. The best I hope for is a hairdresser who understands (and follows) what 'no thinning' means, who preferably has curly hair, is willing to dry cut, and also who understands that they don't need to take much off to restore the hairstyle to a good shape.

The only other thing I will tell you is to avoid Element Hair in Woollhara - they promote themselves online as sydney's curly experts, but when I went there they drastically thinned and 'debulked' my hair - turning it into a limp floppy mop, not joyous full curls.

I'm moving up to the Gold Coast for work next week, so will begin my search again for a good cutter up there.

good luck and keep us posted! :-)