I loved it too!! I know Crosby is a goofball sometimes and Jasmine can be a B but they're a cute, quirky family. They obviously have chemistry and enjoy being with each other. So sweet! I agree Luvmylocs, Jabars face was the best.

I wonder what's gonna happen with Sarah and her guy. It does look like he was a bit shocked when she shared the legwork she'd done on the potential move. Once again, he blurts something out and she runs with it!!! I don't think they'll break up though.

Feel so bad for Julia. Zoey is a mess. I think I'd have to be admitted to same hospital in cardiac unit after all that! Julia is so invested -- not just the baby but in helping and caring for Zoey.

Only one more episode left. I'm gonna be so sad but I'm looking forward to the wedding! Yeah!!
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