At my old job, my proper, 65+ year-old boss would make comments about my curly hair. Mind you, she had perfectly straight gray hair. Back then, I used too much gel to maintain it and my hair seemed to always have that "wet" look. She used to tell me I needed to wash my hair on several occasions. She said it looked greasy. I wash my hair daily.

A coworker asked me, "Why don't you straighten your hair?". I responded with, "I do sometimes, but I really like my hair curly"

"Oh I see. Well, at least it's easier. Straightening your hair takes a lot of time, and wearing it curly doesn't"

At this point I wanted to lecture her about all the time it takes me to wear my hair curly. It infuriates me that other people perceive us as being lazy. Personally, I spend more time making my curls look good than I ever did straightening my hair. That logic is absolute garbage!