Well Miss, as a human being you can do whatever the heck you want with your hair..do chemicals, straighten without chemicals...why with that length, there really is no need to big chop again as your hair is healthy...however, you do run the risk of damage, which you may or may not experience. Russian roulette. And you have lovely hair,my dear.

As RuPaul would say,"Do NOT f*** it up."
french/black american 3b/3c/4a hair; fine n crrrrrrly
'poo~ SheaMoisture C 'n' H (pink label)
rinse out/leave in conditioner~ Tresemme Moisture,GVP Balm, Suave Shea and Almond
Deep Con and Detangling~ Mixed Silk,Elasta QP (now with olive oil!)
Stylers/Oils~ SheaMoisture DTM, Africa's Best Herbal Oil, ,Grapeseed oil/Tresemme Thermal Spray (great for diffusing/heat) all shea oils