I hope you don't think I was jumping down your throat OP, I wasn't! But if this time around with natural hair you want to have a healthy regimen, the best way to start knowing what your hair likes (although it could change when it grows, admittedly!) is to play about and experiment in the TWA stage. If you want to become comfortable with your short hair, then really I still say hiding it won't help and it's going to be short for a while. Especially as your partner is supportive, wearing it at home every now and then could be great for you since if you do get comfortable, it opens up the option of having short hair again in the future if needed/wanted. Hopefully I've got 50+ more years to live, but I already know I will be happy to have short hair again in the future.
If not being comfortable with how your hair is atm doesn't bother you and it's just keeping your hair healthy that's your concern, then you've already been given good advice. And like I said, when it's longer, hair sometimes reacts to the same products/techniques differently, so look after it, but don't fret too much about exact schedules. This is the fun, freedom, experimenting stage!

Because your title mentioned not being comfortable, not just 'I'm looking for a wig regimen' or something, plus the fact that you said you're not ok walking the house with hair you don't like 'yet', I thought maybe getting used to the hair was important to you, in which case, you will have to see it. But, like Marah said, it's your hair/head, whatever you say goes.
My hair is in the 4s, low in porosity, high in density and coarse.

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