Like crimsonshedemon, I'm using CeraVe AM SPF 30. It's pretty moisturizing if you have normal skin, or even slightly oily skin, but if you're dry, you might want to layer it over a simple cream like Cetaphil Cream or serum of your choice if you want a bit more action. Although people over on MUA say this doesn't have the greatest protection, what counts is the sunblock you'll use consistently because you like it. No need to put up with irritation, general funkiness all for the sake of better protection. It's good for every day, but if one is really going to be out all day or in highly-reflective conditions, then wearing a plain moisturizer paired with a more powerful broad-spectrum SPF is your best bet. If it's chemical, you do really have to reapply every couple hours when you're out, if it's a physical block you don't so much as they are more photostable. Again, if you find something you like, hang on to it!