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14 weeks...11/29/11...the 11th anniversary of my 21st birthday and down 70 pounds.

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This was New Years Day as I was headed to the movies...down 82 pounds (half way to my first goal weight!!!)

This was around the time that I kinda stopped taking pictures. I'm not really sure why but I really couldn't see the changes that other people told me they could see and it was frustrating to me because the clothing sizes were not changing even though the scale showed a HUGE weight loss. Then I decided to get a trainer and add more weights to the cardio that I was doing and I saw a HUGE shift in things. Still didn't take pictures but I think I'm going to go back to taking pictures at least every 10-15 pounds just so I can see the differences.

Any finally....here's the picture I took today....specificly for this thread.

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As of today, I'm down a total of 103 pounds and I have 60 pounds to go until my first "goal" weight. At that point I'll sort of access where I am and if I am happy with that weight/size. If not, then I'll keep going in 10-15 pound increments until I get to a weight/size that I'm comfortable at and that I can maintain with a "healthy" caloric intake and moderate exercise.

So...here are how the stats measure up

Starting BMI: 55.2
Current BMI: 39.5

Starting dress size: 24/26 (dress in before pic was a 24) Current: 18

Starting pant size: 26L,
Current: 18L

Starting bra size: 46DDD
Current: 42DD
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