It sounds like she usually wears a wig, no? If this is a departure for her, to go natural, it's not offensive to me they stated the facts of it and then say she looks great. Which she does. And I agree with the poster earlier, she has killer arms. As someone coming up on 46 in a few years, I'm inspired!
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to the bold: yes, she does wear a wig usually, which is quite obvious. She herself mentioned that her husband has asked her to "take off the wig" when she is not acting. she has admitted it and admitted that she feels powerful not wearing it, as she has done often of late.

I don't see where the offense lies here. She was, indeed, wigless yesterday, and in the LA Times, and at the Essence luncheon on Friday.

So, should we also protest People Magazine and Yahoo! for reporting similarly? And should we also protest the many blogs who have metioned it and referred to it positively?
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