Has anyone tried the paleo diet or does anyone consider themselves to have a paleo lifestyle?

My boyfriend wanted to try a 30 day challenge as he had heard the about the benefits and to lose some weight. So to help him along I'm joining in. We cut out dairy, grains, legumes and anything processed. Which means no pasta, rice, milk, cheese, potatoes, peas, beans and sugar. Lots of fruit and veg, lean meat, nuts and lots and lots of water.

We are up to day 9 and so far so good. We only had one cheat meal which left us feeling awful. He's been struggling with the detox side of things and having lows before a meal. I can honestly say I nearly quit 2 days in, so I've compensated by having a morning latte then sticking to the diet for the remainder of the day.

At the end of week one I've lost 1.7kgs and he's lost close to 5kgs.

We're determined to stick out the 30 days and will then consider reintroducing some foods back into our regular eating, mainly our morning bowl of cereal which we both miss.

Wish us luck for the next 21 days
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