Just found this older thread. How's it been going with either Tori or Susan anyone? I just moved here 4 months ago and went to Susan about a month ago. WAY different than my deva salon in Salt Lake City, Utah. In Utah, I was trimmed dry first and then washed, styling product and diffuse dry and then if needed some more trimming. All for 65.00 on average minus tip.
Susan charged 65.00 for just a trim. She made sure I had my hair DONE before I came in and I wondered why. Well, she doesn't wash or style UNLESS you want her to and then it's 20.00 MORE. I find that ridiculous. The trim she did was nice and I was happy with it. So that was good.
I was wondering about Tori in Sac. I read in the above post that the one lady's bill was 136.00??!! Did you buy extras?? Or was that the cut and style?

Natural hair color - dark brunette
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