Okay, update. I got my old Conair steam rollers out (the steam-making part, which must be set level on a counter so it won't spill). I put my diffuser over where the steam comes out. Being near freezing here and dry, my hair is pretty limp and wilty, especially after wearing a hat for a while outdoors. I leaned and bent all around to get my hair into the bowl of the diffuser perched on top of the steamer.
Crap. It looked great.
Lots of volume, more curls on the ends, more bounce, spirals returned. And, of course, halo frizz everywhere (hello, it's steam). But no crunchy hair from the fine mist (which was a little too hot because it's not made for the hair/scalp directly)

Now I want one. Although bending all around like that makes a person flexible But $70? And it's not even being sold through a re-seller, so there's no 50-55% distributor mark-up. Sheesh. Great idea. Lousy pricing.
Dry air will now start sucking it back out again...

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