By now, someone's won the 2 or 3 Q-Redews that was giving away this month, right? I'd love it if when they actually received it, they'd give a full review of what results they got with it under different conditions (dewpoints, products used, etc.) along with the details of their particular hair properties.

With the amount of money I spend on hair products, I sometimes think that if this styling tool saved me time and $$ spent on hair products, and gave me good styling results and moisture-balanced hair, then I'd be fine with the price. I'm lucky in that I can get by with using relatively small amounts of product on my fine hair, so what I buy lasts. But I'm sure there are plenty of curlies who can go through $70 in hair products pretty quickly. At least a $70 styling tool would be of use a lot longer (assuming it's reasonably well made, that is).
3b / Fine / Low (to Med) Density / Normal Porosity & Elasticity

Currently Using [*Holy Grails*]
Cleansers: DC No-Poo / DC Low-Poo / *BaSo & ACV*
Co-Washes/ROs: CJ Beauticurls Argan & OO / DC OneC / Organicals DC Creme
Additives: *Silk Amino Acids* / Honeyquat / Fragrance Oils
LIs (found some!): KCKT / CJ Beauticurls LI / CJ Curl Assurance Smoothing Daily Condish
DTs: *Coconut Oil* rinses / *Honey*, EVOO, & DC OneC / CJ Curl Rehab
Sealer: *DM Super Buttercreme*

Goal: APL Hair