Actually Mcfrizzy, we don't have LA Sports gel in Canada (at least I have NEVER been able to find it in Toronto). Canadians do not have access to a lot of products that are easily found elsewhere.

You CAN find Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee at some of the bigger SDM's. One of my favourite d/s hard holding gel's is Herbal Essences Set Me Up gel. If you have access to a Sally's, you can also buy the Ecostyler gel there. I hope that helps.
My hair is naturally a combination of 3B/3C. No longer texturized. All natural! CG Routine: Devapoo, One condition or Elucence. Loving curl creams: AG Recoil, Mop Curl Cream, KMS Curl Cream and never without CK. Gels: HE SMU and KCCC with a little BRHG on top.