I steamed mine again with my diffuser+steamer today after smashing it under a hat = awesomeness. I know it won't last too many hours, but what a super curl (and volume) boost.
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IAgirl, I'm getting excited hearing that you've gotten good results twice with your homemade set up!

I'm wondering if the right combination of styling product and diffused steam would result in great looking curls that also *last*. (hmmm... What's the hair product that's used with the soaker method for clumping hair?)

Ok, go ahead and call me a sucker -- I'm not as brave as the rest of you as far as jerryrigging my own hair steamer, but I'm waaaaay too intrigued NOT to take the plunge and give an actual q-redew a try. It'll be a few weeks before I have the extra $ to plunk down for it, but just as soon as I do, I'm going to get one and will post a review with pics.
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