Luvmylocs, what are we gonna watch for now?
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i have no idea...maybe i'll watch some of my netflix stuff or get through my humongous magazine backlog

Ok, I'm glad they showed the reactions of the dumped cellist and Dr. Jo. I missed some parts and I was like wtf???? Why didn't they show that? I'll probably rewatch that part later online. Was it towards the beginning?

I half expected Crosby and Jasmine to ride off all happily and then fall into a ditch or get run of the road by a semi or something devastatingly tragic. That's the kind of cliffhanger that usually happens at the end of a season finale in nighttime dramas. Super glad they didn't take it that way. There's something different about this show and that's why I think I like it.
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yes the telling of the people they were dating was fairly early on. damn i'm going miss fine dr. joe!!! totally understood the cellist. she was blindsided. it came out of nowhere though them reconnecting. halfway through the season i wouldn't have expected this!

girl, i thought the same thing, i thought that some truck would run out and hit them. i couldn't have handled that. it would have clouded every good moment all season. i hope the writers don't go there in the beginning of the new season.
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