Ack, my PJ is growing teeth.

and horns.
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They're ferocious little buggers aren't they?

I'm anxious for you to post pics! I can't remember the shaking part so I'll have to look up what I was talking about there. But CEAHT is Curls Ecstacy Asian Hair Tea conditioner (think I got all the words right ). Unfortunately they've just changed the formula so it's no longer CG. :x I'll be using my last bottle very sparingly, which is a big shame because I get such nice clumpy spirals from it. The last pics I posted I took with my phone-cam, so it made my hair look about 5 shades lighter than it really is. And thank you so much for the kind compliment!
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2cFii-ish with 3a moments. Always subject to change.

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