Hi, just wanted to say thanks for this website. I'm new on the forums, but I've been lurking and learning for a couple of months. I am in my 30s, but I just thought my hair was poofy and frizzy and hard to style until a couple of years ago when a friend said "just use some mousse after your shower." How eye opening - I had curly/wavy hair instead of wavy poofy frizzy hair! Before that I had never used a product on my hair besides shampoo/condish. Ever since then I've been googling and looking up videos on YouTube for how to care for my naturally curly hair. This site has so much great information, and the wavy 2's board I've been lurking on seems so positive and helpful, so I finally joined. Thanks!

CG 4/13/2012
med-coarse texture/med density/low porosity
Clarifying: TJ TTT shampoo
Cowash: VO5 clarifying kiwi lime, Suave daily clarifying
RO: SN or Tresemme naturals, TJ TTT
LI: SN or VO5
Styling: Gels - HESMU, AAV; John Frieda & HETT mousse; TIGI Curl Booster, FX Curl Booster * Fan of plopping & diffusing