I bought the Curl Defining Pudding today. I'll probably wash my hair Tuesday night, so I'll try it for a twistout then...has anyone used this for a WnG? Any hold?
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I think the hold is on the lighter side. It's a flexible hold that's easy to fluff out when the hair dries. I suggest a gel on top to manage frizz if you fluff a lot, and to ensure your hair stays fly until you return home.

ETA: I got better results on damp hair (i.e. can't squeeze water out) than wet hair. I prefer all my products on damp hair.
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I agree with the hold being on the lighter side.. I couldn't get my coils to clump with this.. The Moisture Butter did a better job (though that was still too light).
I wouldn't recommend the curl defining creme for wash n goes on type 4 hair. Maybe I'll try it at a later date on twist outs/braid outs.

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