Love that book! I would never have thought to use pure conditioned as my sole styling product. And it works. Trick is even distribution of the condioner so I work it in sections. Then I curly some of the top layer with a comb or just finger curl. It truly is a holy grail and my only focus is exploring conditioners!
No: heating tools, sulfates, cones, parabens
Co-wash: Suave naturals (coconut and ocean breeze) Acct baking soda to clarify as needed
DC: olive or almond oil with EO rosemary
Style: Homemade flaxseed gel with aloe vera juice, epsom salt, and EO rosemary and lavender. Exploring various conditioners to use with the tightly curly method
Want to try: adding different EO's to HFSG, growing out hair
Always ISO: natural remedies for 3b curls!