I'm officially in week 4 as of yesterday. I deep conditioned over night & co-washed this morning.

I thought I could see a little difference in the way my hair was looking last week when I came out of the shower but didn't want to have my hopes up.

Yes! Today, I can see even better that my curls are starting to clump together on my naked hair without conditioner! I can really tell a difference! I am getting more shrinkage but my curls are really starting to look much better! They dry much less frizzy now & to have my hair not look like a wild bush without product on it is awesome!

To say the least I can tell that it is beginning to hold moisture & my curls are starting to clump properly, looking more defined! Over all I am happy that I decided to go CG method!

What I'm really surprised at is that I haven't used a comb or denman brush for 3 weeks now & my hair stays detangled with just using my fingers!


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