detangling in the shower will make a world of difference especially when you hair is getting thicker and thicker and growing as well. first just slather on some conditioner, gently detangle, keep in conditioner and only shampoo your scalp (your hair wont be dry). After this RINSE everything out. leave on some conditioner for a few minutes. as long as you want, you can use this time to wash your body once or twice. then slightly wet your hair again, detangle again and leave some conditioner on. This way your hair from root to tip is always conditioned at all times and never gets tangled. and then your done. this should work for you.

REGIMEN (updated 2/28/12)
Shampoo: Hello Hydration or Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo
Conditioner: HH for conditioning, detangling and leave in
Oils: jojoba oil
Styling: nothing. just take down from pineapple, style and go.