I don't think I'll be of much help, but you are not alone! After I did my first PT when my hair was crazy over-conditioned I started using more protein in everything I put in my hair. It has helped kick up my curls for sure, but now I'm starting to get tangly again. But if I use more moisturizing products in place of the protein, my hair starts to get squeaky and lose its definition. I have heard that the Aphogee 2-step treatment has a lot of protein in it, but I found that I didn't get enough protein in any single treatment I tried (and I tried a bunch!) to maintain my curl pattern without getting OC'd. I'm still tweaking my shower routine since I got a ton of new products from the swap boards recently. But before I started experimenting I was co-washing with Mill Creek Botanicals Keratin Repair conditioner then following up with Deva OneC. I can only leave the OneC in for a few minutes. I also always use CJ Curl Fix as my leave-in (as recommended by KathyMack) and it works beautifully. My curl creams are really moisturizing and sometimes they contain protein too (one of my faves is CJ CCCC). Depending on what I use as my curl enhancer, I may also use EcoStyler as my gel which also has protein in it. I've never gotten "crunchy hair" from using too much protein. Also, I don't dye my hair so I can't speak from personal experience, but I've heard that using protein after you dye will make the color fade so keep that in mind too. Good luck!!