I hope this is not getting too personal, but did you notice any mental transformations as well?

Anyway, thanks for sharing! I am excited to do the strength training program with you.
Originally Posted by Saila
Not quite sure what you mean but I'll try an answer. Mentally I've stayed pretty even I think and I credit most of that to who I was before. I know a lot of over weight people when they start losing weight they become much more confident, outgoing, assertive and take charge...but I was all those things before mostly because I liked me. I hated the weight, how it made me feel trapped in my own body, but I still LIKED NCC at the end of the day. I think a lot of overweight people don't like themselves and it manifests itself in how they carry and present themselves. I wasn't about to be a wall flower just because I was the fat chick.

Hope that answers your question and I'm looking forward to the weight program too! I want muscles (well nice lady muscles)

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