Did you follow IAGirl's PT with some kind of conditioner/moisture? Because it's homemade, it doesn't have all the fancy ingredients like Aphogee to keep hair soft, so unless you add a lot of oil and conditioner to it, you probably need to follow with moisture. (if it really is an issue with gelatin protein, Aphogee won't work either- IAGirl's recipe is sdesigned to be like Aphogee minus the strong smell) In addition to Effective Care, ION also has a Reconstructor, which is a bit lighter on moisture (I actually use it as a co-wash). Effective Care is technically a protein-rich conditioner; Reconstructor is their actual PT product.

My hair can't get enough protein, so I do the IAGirl PT (followed by DT) once a week and use the ION Reconstructor (with Effective Care as my RO) at least one or two other days during the week (I cleanse my hair almost daily).

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