I have figured it out finally. Its so simple that I feel stupid for not realizing it sooner. My problem was that I didnt use gel! The only way I ever figured this out was because there was a 2 for $5 sale on HE products at target so I bought the mousse & gel together. I randomly decided to use them together & diffuse my hair. Now I finally get the volume i want! My hair still comes out a little frizzy but its nothing compared to before.

Thank you all for your responses and advice! I truly appreciate it (:
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This is exactly how my oldest sister (very long curly hair like me) started diffusing, and eventually how I started as well and I love it!
At first I didn't like the crunch, but I've gotten a routine that works for me. I'd say plopping w/gel before diffusing is key to let your curls set.
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