Your hair sounds almost exactly like mine, except I did get crunchy hair from IAgirls protein treatment but I think that was a dislike for the gelatin protein. Thanks so much for your response; it's nice to know I'm not alone in this. The CJ Curl Fix and CCCC are both sounding like I should try them out. Have you tried any other curl enhancers? I'm pretty new at this and don't really know what to look for. Thanks!
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I'm pretty new too (which is why I caution everyone that they might want a second opinion on any of my suggestions lol), but I am still searching for my HG curl enhancer. I had amazing results with KCCC the first time I used it (before I started using lots of protein) - awesome clumps and my hair was SO soft. Unfortunately I haven't been able to duplicate those results, but I can't honestly say it's ever given me "bad" results - just not as great as the first time. The KCCC is all moisture, there's no protein in it at all, so I use Curl Fix and Ecostyler I also really love AG Recoil. The protein is pretty far down on the list, but it works great no matter what leave-in I use (even if I don't use one). Unlike KCCC and CCCC though, the Recoil breaks up clumps and gives me lots of smaller spirals all over. I usually use a protein gel over this too.

But my favorite "curl enhancer" is the pixie-curl method: The No-Frizz Pixie Curl Method

I use it with pretty much everything I put in my hair. It took me a little while to get used to my hair looking worse at first - my curls looked really squished and tangled - but once I finish drying, flip back over, and shake my head a few times my hair looks awesome. My waves are 3a-3b curls and they stay that way until I get home - I love it! I never got so many compliments on my hair as when I started using pixie-curl. One of the girls I work with even told me that I had "perfect ringlets" (eee! )

One last suggestion I can offer is to find someone (or a few people!) on the boards who have the same hair characteristics as you. Check out their siggies to see what products and/or techniques they use. This can help guide you on what might work well for your hair type.