Hi Kulaidejuisce, I feel your pain. I have smoked for 25 years! I managed to quit 8 years ago and started back..its been two years now and I know cold turkey is the only wayfor me, its just those first few days I am really not looking forward to but once I set that date I will never be so stupid to think I can ever smoke not even 1 cigarette ever again!
Wow, thanx! I'm still trying & rly struggling.
My life is just rly at a bit of a low right now, but I am making progress one day at a time.
I'm chosing not to take alternatives, to prevent relapse or dependence on something else.. Its friggen hard to quit but I kno I DO want to.
I've been doing my own research here & there as well & I'm just scared. My body acts weird sometimes & I'm convinced its from cigarettes. Its taking my life away.. & my money lol

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