Hi Stacie, how long is your natural hair now?

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Hiya fridayt

I'll be honest; I really don't know how long it is now because it's braided up. I'd guess it's about 8 inches straight. I've been very bad - I took a lot of care with my relaxed hair but I've been lazy since then My hair doesn't grow very quickly anyway, but the braiding and lack of care has taken its toll.

How are you transitioning, and how long is your hair?
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Sorry so long....I have been in transition for about 15 months now. My hair is actually growing slower now than when I put chemicals on it. My new growth is only about 6 inches in some areas and about 3 to 4 in others. Combined with my new growth it is apl. I haven't done anything fancy with it. I just wash it 1 to 2 times per week, keep it moisturized, and my scalp oiled. I keep it either in a ponytail or in a beanie/beenie (?). I am almost ready to BC. I have alopecia so I don't feel comfortable enough to wear braids, Bantu knots,.and other cute styles so I am doing the long transition.

I use As I Am products. I really like their ingredients and their smoothing gel is fantastic on my hair.

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