Thanks NoireNapps, when searching products I found that in the ratings the same hair types tend to like the same products. being a newbie I did do the water in the cup test and my hair did not sink to the bottom of the cup but was just under the top of the water! Still when just washed its dry and confusing......
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That test is highly inaccurate. Think about how many strands you have on your head. Each one is going to tell you only a little bit about what your whole hair needs--a couple of strands in a cup just isn't enough. Think more about:

*how long it takes your hair to wet in the shower
*how much product your hair can absorb at one time before it becomes too much
*how long your hair takes to air-dry
*how much time goes by in between washing/styling before your hair begins to dry out (hours? 1 day? 3 days?)

There will be an overall pattern of "behavior" that your hair will exhibit that the cup test just cannot gauge. For starters you should try using a decent cleansing/clarifying shampoo then a very rich deep conditioner (try using with heat if you can). Personally I would not shampoo again until you absolutely cannot stand it. Use conditioner each time you need to refresh it instead (after rinsing your hair very very well). See how long your hair stays moisturized. If it doesn't last at least 1-3 days, then you can do a search on how to improve that and go from there. Establishing a good moisturizing routine for you and your hair is going to be the best thing to start with regardless of the size of your curls.
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