New here.

I'm a once straight-haired girl finally coming to terms with my new curly locks.

Transition started probably about a year or so ago, either just due to hormone changes from age (26 now) or from my thyroid crapping out on me.

Found this site yesterday and classified myself as a 2A. I had mostly soft S waves on the top layers, which a few spirals on the bottom (nape of neck) area of my hair.

Went out and bought a "no-poo" shampoo and a CG approved conditioner/styling spray and followed the tips/instructions on this site.

My S waves from yesterday are now full spirals (except for my bangs, because they're too short to make a full revolution). Excited to see how much further my hair will curl once I get all this bad buildup out of here.

Going to get a new hair dryer/diffuser today because the diffuser I have for my existing hair dryer won't attach for some reason. :/

As a side note, I noticed there's a "gender" and "ethnicity" section of my profile, yet nowhere to edit that information. Am I missing something there?

- Kelly