I am very tempted to get this book! Do you think that Teri's info would apply well for 3b curly hair? Mine is on the dry side, and layered.
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Hi, Spiralli! I know you've been here a long time, so you probably already know pretty much what works for you!

I personally love the book because it's more that just about silicone conditioners and finger-twisting. I found it part inspirational (her struggles with her curls growing up, her acceptance of her curls and finally finding the right way to care for it) but mostly educational (what exactly is curly hair and finding the right products, tools and methods for your hair). I also love that she writes like she's talking to her girlfriend and not talking down to you.

My hair is mostly 3C-4A, but there's some 3B right at the nape. I only need to rake the conditioner through this part of my hair and finger-twist near the top and front of my hair. (My hair is also layered and tends to get very dry. I use Renpure to co-wash. I mix Tresemme Naturals and Biotera Gel as a leave-in.) You probably don't need to go through the extra trouble of twisting each curl.

Maybe if you see it at a local bookstore you can browse through it and you might find something new and interesting before you spend money on it.

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