I've been going to a weekly Positive Thinking Class every Saturday morning since November. I like it a lot.

I get to class yesterday morning and there is a very small turn-out.

And then the teacher explains to us that a group of the "old timers" of the class had band together and complained that the class had gotten too large and they want their OWN class just for the people who are really really serious about Positive Thinking and dedicate themselves to going every single week.

(Um, whatever. Doesn't sound very positive to me.)

The woman sitting to my right just starts BAWLING about how upset she is about this and how she feels just like she did when she was in high school and not picked for clubs and WHY CAN'T SHE EVER JUST BE GOOD ENOUGH AND ACCEPTED!!!

She's just sitting there a sobbing mess about this, and I have no idea what to do, but since I'm sitting next to her, I knew I had to do SOMETHING so I awkwardly pat her on the shoulder (seriously, one of those very sitcom-atic moments of my life) and tell her I wasn't accepted into the Young Authors' Competition in the 4th grade and am really yet to get over it.

Anyway, she calmed down by the end of the class and told me that she'd like to meet with me so we can turn her life story into a play. She says her life story is very, very inspiring. I gave her my business card, and another woman saw that and went, "Oh! Do you do psychic readings?" (Wait, what?)

'Ya can't make this stuff up.